Stockholm Documents of 1972

The Library has initiated a project to digitize unique collections with an aim of providing greater access to these valuable resources. One of these important and unique collection is the Stockholm documents of 1972.

The UN Conference on Human Environment, also known as the Stockholm Conference was held from 5th – 16th June 1972. This Conference featured the first attempt by the international community to address the relationships between environment and development at the global level. Indeed, the Conference succeeded in putting environment on the global agenda, with the adoption of the Stockholm Action Plan, a first global action plan for the environment, which provided the basis for a standard agenda and a common policy framework to deal with the first generation of environmental action. An important outcome of the Conference was the subsequent establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The Stockholm documents therefore are vital resources for reference information for researchers, environmentalists, students and anyone interested with the impetus of environment issues. The following are some of the digital documents, which resulted from the conference


  1. Articles and documents before the Conference (before 4th June 1972)
    • Articles announcing the conference
    • Official Documents from the Secretary General
  2. During the Conference
    • Proceedings, Decisions and Resolutions
    • Final Declaration
  3. Articles and documents after the Conference (after 16th June 1972)
    • Documents produced after the conference
    • Newspaper articles