Ambassador Rosalinda Valenton-Tirona of Philippines, accompanied by a team of Philippine diplomats at the occasion of the UN day donated to the Sergio Vieira de Mello United Nations Library her fifth book entitled "Multilateralism 21" which underlines much of the United Nations agenda. Mr. Daniel Biau, Deputy Executive Director of UN-HABITAT was also present.


The book covers some of the critical issues of the 21st century such as:

  • the revitalized role of the United Nations,
  • the new concept of peace and security,
  • humanitarian interventions,
  • the role of women in development,
  • global problems and practical cooperation to promote world prosperity, among many other issues of concern to the United Nations.

During the donation ceremony, Ms. Rosalinda also promised to offer to the Library the first four titles which she has authored in the past. She also appealed to the Chief Librarian to set up a ‘Philippines corner’ where books by, for and on the Philippines will be reserved.

The Ambassador hailed the renaming of UNEP Library to Sergio Vieira De Mello Library, the Brazilian diplomat who died on mission in Iraq, who was a personal friend to her.