Library supports establishment of Environmental Information Centre in Iraq

In the true spirit of capacity building and knowledge sharing, the Sergio Vieira de Mello Library, in close partnership with UNEP - Post Conflict Branch in Geneva, is supporting the establishment of an Environmental Information Centre for the Ministry of Environment in Iraq. The Information Centre will be a good resource for the Iraq people (government officials, researchers, academicians and the civil society) to access and use the environmental information resources to guide them in decision making processes.

Major publications on environment published by UNEP have been donated to the EIC. In addition, the Library conducted a two-week training (10th – 21st October 2005) for four staff members from the Ministry of Environment (Iraq), on library and information management aspects, in Nairobi. The core objective of the training was to equip the trainees with the necessary skills and tools to enable them establish and manage a modern environmental information centre, incorporating publications (both print and electronic) and information technology aspects. A team of qualified trainers was drawn from the Library and the DCPI Internet Unit staff members.

At the end of the training the Iraq Ministry of Environment staff members were equipped with the following skills:

  1. Web Design and content management
  2. Public Information flow
  3. Setting up and use of the Library Information System (WEBLIS)
  4. How to set up an information center
  5. Use of several online resources e.g. Online databases, online reference materials, using the Internet to search information among many other topics.