Access to Environmental Information

Links to sources of Environment information includes environmental Journals, Internationals organizations dealing with environment, ministries of environment worldwide and publications published by UNEP.

1972 Digitized Stockholm Conference documents on human environment
The Stockholm Conference featured the First attempt by the international community to address the relationships between environment and development at the global level. The Conference succeeded in putting environment on the global agenda, with the adoption of the Stockholm Action Plan, a first global action plan for the environment, which provided the basis for a standard agenda and a common policy framework to deal with the first generation of environmental action. A declaration of principles was adopted which provided the foundation for the development of international environmental law during the 1970s and 1980s. An important outcome of the Conference was the subsequent establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Environmental Films and Videos
Various videos and films for conservation, protection and extension of natural resources created by UNEP.

Environmental Libraries
Links to other Libraries which share environmental preservation concept with UNEP and other partners.

International Environmental Organizations
A list of international Government Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations working on promoting and protecting environment.

Ministries of Environments Worldwide
Links you to the various countries Ministries of environment websites.

Statistical Environmental Information
Selected sites with statistics information on environment.

Selected Environmental Web sites
Web sites that have stood the world over to champion the management of environment through various forums, news, legislation and other relevant areas of environment.

UNEP Publications
A host of many publications produced by the United Nations Environment Programme to talk more on environment.


Access to Human Settlements Information

Links to sources of human settlements information includes settlements Journals, International organizations dealing with settlements issues, selected websites on human settlements and publications published by UNHABITAT.

International Organizations on Human Settlements
A list of international Government Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations working on issues on human Settlements.

Statistical Information on Human Settlements
Links where you can get statistics on Human Settlements.

Selected Web sites on Human Settlements
Internationally known sites that champion issues on human settlements.