Integration of the UNICEF-ESARO collection

The Sergio Vieira de Mello UN Library is a joint effort of various partners (UNEP, UNON, UN-HABITAT, UNIC and UNDP). The main purpose is to have a common UN Library in Nairobi as an essential focal point for creating links and synergies among its agencies.

In this context UNICEF-ESARO Knowledge Management Resource Centre has officially joined the Sergio Vieira de Mello library to be part of the common library venture.

The will fully integrate the UNICEF collection in the library and make it accessible through the online catalogue called UNALIS (United Nations for Africa Library Information System). This will enable UNICEF staff members and potential users have access to the collection from their desktop.

The main objectives for integration are:

  • To support the General Assembly’s Resolution 59/126 that calls for a common library in Nairobi.
  • To encourage sharing of resources (financial, human and space).
  • To ensure that all the information resources from the different UN agencies are located under one roof for ease of retrieval and dissemination by many users.
  • To reinforce the role of the library as an empowerment tool for the UN staff and local community and provide high quality library and information services