UNEP Line of Products

Beginning December 2005, the Library has been in-charge of ensuring that high quality and environmentally friendly UNEP line of gifts and line of products are available for sale at the UN Commissary.

These products are examples of world class products that will provide inspiration that the environment can be protected without sacrificing beauty or quality. Better yet, all of these products are made from materials that represent the best in sustainability and are all made in fair trade conditions.

The products selection was designed to illustrate different dimensions of UNEP's mission: clean energy, safe water for everyone, conservation of biodiversity, human health through a healthy environment and so on.

Samples of the UNEP products

UNEP Clean Energy Tee

UNEP Water Tee

UNEP Wooden Pen

UNEP Stainless Steel Mug

UNEP Biodiversity Men's Tee

UNEP Seas and Oceans Baby Tee


NB: Wear your UNEP merchandise with pride knowing that you helped promote the goals of the United Nations Environment Programme!